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‘Supporting the independence of people with sensory, physical impairments and other disabling health conditions’

OBAC is governed by seven company directors, equally known as the Board of Trustees. The trustees are elected at Annual General Meetings. The Board is represented by people who have diverse skills and experience of working in the private and voluntary sector. They bring to the organisation a diverse mix and a range of skills which include health, legal, education, training and local residents.

Management And Resource Team

Ibukun Olashore (Ms) – Chief Executive Officer

John Gakpe – Finance & Administration Manager

Yinka Tijanee (Ms) – Admin Volunteer


Clifford Eyabunoh – Tutor

Immigration Team

Amal Jama (Ms)

Ibukun Olashore (Ms)


Joseph Gay – Volunteer


Isaac Oni

Nikeala Adu

Support Services Team

Henry Nicholson – Project Manager

Amal Jama (Ms) – Senior Advice Manager

Grace Foster – Senior Support Services Officer

Marcus Powell – Support Services Worker

Executive Committee

Mr Joseph Gay – Chair

Ms Francesca Osibo – Vice Chair

Committee Members

Ms Diib Jama

Ms Ruth Bishop

Mr Rasheed Bello

Ms Joyce Williams